fbr awards the Badge of Honor to Willem P. Boelhouwer

The Association for Rainwater Harvesting and Water Utilization awarded the Badge of Honor at the general meeting on April 29, 2010 in Darmstadt to Mr. Willem P. Boelhouwer. Willem Boelhouwer receives the award for his long standing commitment to fbr, as well as, for his commendable years of international development work for the Association. fbr president Martin Bullermann and Anja Schumann, member of the board, bestowed the award at the 14th general meeting. Mr. Boelhouwer authoritatively supported fbrs international development work. In 1999, he initiated the first fbr Europe meeting in Darmstadt. Additionally, as a member of the international association of rainwater (IRCSA) he contributed significantly to the arrangement of IRCSAs 10th International Conference of Rainwater in Germany.

Because of his efforts numerous international guests attended fbrs 2001 international rainwater days in Mannheim. Mr Willem Boelhouwer, who has been a member of the Association since 1999, is also the Managing Director of the AquaEst Europe BV in the Netherlands, which is involved worldwide in rainwater harvesting and water treatment. Boelhouwer increased the visibility of the Association across many venues; at international conferences, at collaborations, and with other national associations such as rainwater harvesting in India, Japan and Africa. As well, he held various positions fostering international cooperation. Most recently, Mr. Boelhouwer created and launched the website www.ercsa.eu for the European division ERCSA.