ERCSA (European Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) represents for Europe the interests of IRCSA (International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association), the global organization for promoting the utilization and values of rainwater harvesting. 

IRCSA, started its activities 1982 in Hawaii, as officially been founded 1989 in Manila and has since then organized worldwide every two years international conferences about rainwater harvesting. Extensive information about IRCSA, its objectives and activities can be found on

In Europe the “fbr” (Fachvereinigung Betriebs- und Regenwassernutzung) in Germany with its office in Darmstadt is the largest organization in Europe promoting rainwater harvesting ( It organized in 2001 successfully the 10th IRCSA International Conference in Mannheim and acts as Secretariat for IRCSA’s European Region, named ERCSA, since January 2009.

ERCSA sees as its task to promote rainwater catchment in Europe, in conjunction with other rainwater harvesting organizations in and outside Europe, the use of rainwater for applications in domestic, industrial and agricultural fields.

Many non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in Europe working for and in developing countries are considering and applying nowadays rainwater harvesting as a valuable decentralized supply source for drinking and household water. Through its website, ERCSA wishes to support in particular such organizations with information about technologies, products and systems for rainwater harvesting which are available through its members.

“Rain is decentralized. So is the demand for water.

Why can’t we decentralise the supply?”

(source: Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi)