Introduction for Rainwater harvesting

Harvesting Rainwater for saving drinking water has gained enormously in significance as a modern water saving sanitary technique. This can be used for private and public buildings as well as for many industrial areas. Beyond that rainwater harvesting plays an important role for the rainwater (stormwater) management of housing estates. [read more]



Rainwater Harvesting – A global issue matures

By Klaus W. König and Dietmar Sperfeld

The English term “Rainwater Harvesting” has been internationally widely accepted. Interestingly enough, the emphasis has not been on the utilisation of rainwater but on its harvesting. Harvesting means “crop” or “yield” and is a synonym for “gift of nature”. Therefore, it goes without saying that the harvested should be also utilised and every yield is preceded by its own activities. [read more]


The challenge of rainwater harvesting: Creating awareness and education

by Klaus W. König

Environmental protection can be defined as the basic provision for the continuing existence of mankind. Unfortunately the awareness of such understanding is not automatically available even though everybody must contribute towards it. 

I noted with interest the remark by the Hamburg Environmental Authorities that rainwater utilization does play a main part in this respect. In their opinion the utilization and processing of rain water will help bring about a growing awareness of environmental problems to other trade branches such as heating, road traffic, etc. [read more]