Rainwater projects worldwide


Thai Schools find the solution to turn Rainwater into clean safe drinking Water


by Willem P. Boelhouwer, Netherlands

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  • Construction of a Cystern


Community water action in semi-arid Brazil: Factors for succes of rainwater harvesting programs


by Johann Gnadlinger, Austria/Brazil

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Rainwater harvesting in India

Revival of hill towns through rainwater harvesting

by Indira Khurana and Sarvagya Srivastava, India

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  • Plastic lined ponds to fight against climate change

Rainwater harvesting in Rwanda

by Hans Hartung, Weikersheim, Germany

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Blessing from the sky: rainwater harvesting can enhance ecosystem productivity and livelihoods

A joint SEI/UNEP report outlines the advantages of investing in better water resource management

Rainfall and soil water are fundamental parts of ecosystems which supply goods and services for human well-being. The availability of rain and soil water will consequently determine ecosystem productivity, both for agricultural and natural systems. However, increasing demand for water for development as well as the desire to maintain healthy ecosystems puts water resources under pressure.

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